Wonder what Walt would’ve wrought …

Before my family and I left in June for a week of vacation (five days to be spent at Disneyland), I told some friends that my children would return with all kinds of ideas about what heaven should be like.

Thinking back on that comment, I’ve wondered since then what “Paradiso” would be like if designed by Walt Disney instead of Dante Alighieri.

Instead of seven rings or circles of increasing piety, would heaven have seven different “lands” to accommodate believers with different approaches to their belief?

Would there be ….

… a MainStreetHeaven for the faithful who didn’t want anything about their faith (or anyone else’s) to change?

… a FrontierHeaven for folks who always liked to pioneer new ways of thinking about their faith?

… an AdventureHeaven for people who were bold enough to share it, no matter what others thought or what dangers it might present?

… a NewOrleansSquareHeaven for the party-hearty crowd who just wanted to sing and be joyful and leave the blues of the faith behind?

… a TomorrowHeaven for those who were always looking ahead and envisioning where their faith could take them?

…. a FantasyHeaven for the believers who just thought any kind of faith was fine and good enough? Complete with a “Small Heaven After All” celebrating all the different faiths and nations, as a comfort for those who never went and never sent?

… perhaps even a ToonTownHeaven off to the side someplace, where reality is a little off the mark, just for the people who think they’re the only ones who should be there?

Maybe more importantly, which part of Walt’s Heaven would be the eternal home of my faith?


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