How would Jesus vote?

I’ve never been a very political animal. I have trouble deciding whether I’m a donkey or an elephant. I usually have just enough interest in the process to do what I should as a good citizen — get out and cast a vote for the better alternative (in my humble opinion).

My real government is God’s kingdom, and I try to vote for Him early and often.

But this time around, election season seems different.

The rhetoric is harsher than usual. The lines in the sand are drawn more deeply. The sides taken are more entrenched and the invectives are angrier.

It seems like there is, somehow, much more at stake.

And I wonder, like a good Sheldonite* should: How would my Savior cast His vote? What would He say about all this conflict?

Would He vote Republican? Would He say: “Render not unto Caesar the things that are yours”? “The wise said to the foolish, ‘Give us your oil'”? “Blessed are the mighty, for they shall fear no one”? “You shall love your neighbor and bomb your enemy”?

Would He vote Democratic? Would He say: “Sell all that you have and give to social programs”? “A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife or husband”? “Blessed are those who have been persecuted for abortion’s sake”?

Would He vote the Green Party ticket? Would He say: “The axe shall never be laid to the root of the tree?”

Labor? “The workman deserves more than his wages”?

Socialist? “The workman deserves his wages plus everyone else’s wages divided by the number of workmen?”

Would He vote for the lesser of two — or the least of three or four or five — evils?

Or would He view it as voting against the greater/greatest?

One thing is certain: I have a lot to think about, and pray about, before the curtains close behind me November 2.

As political animals go, I believe I’m a sheep.

*author of In His Steps, origin of the “What would Jesus do?” mantra.


2 thoughts on “How would Jesus vote?

  1. This is a good question. I feel we must examine the candidate?s beliefs in the light of God’s word. I do not feel God wants us to vote for someone that feels homosexuality and abortion are acceptable. I think His word is clear on both. As far as a war for oil I absolutely feel oil had nothing to do with Iraq. Sadaam was a ruthless dictator that needed to be dealt with. His crimes against humanity are well known. Yes, God’s will is going to be done and that is the bottom line. His will is the goal we should strive for in all things. I pray that His will is done in this election. To God be the glory in everything we do, even voting.

  2. Keith,
    To ponder your decision reveals you have what the tin-man and scarecrow sought after. If indeed the elephant has a brain and the donkey a heart; one still knows no better how he should cast a vote. For we are called as God’s children to have and to use both. Political idealogies cannot be reduced nor magnified to noble stature by accentuating either compassion or truth without the other. For us, we are called to love with heart and mind.

    My fear is that I might fail to see that for which I look so hard to find in Christ. How Jesus would not vote can be answered with more certainty than knowing for whom he would vote. This election for me is not about a scarecrow or tin-man, but about a lion who had the eternal courage to “clean his Father’s house!” May God help me emulate that kind of courage to stand up for what is right and make a difference at this time in history! The erosion of our morally thread-bare society may depend on it and us!


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