What is it we’re here for?

“We’re at church to worship,” we gather and say
“Here for God’s fellowship, to sing and to pray;
“Here to praise heaven, to pledge to obey;
“To cast out the leaven, to hasten His Day.”

Some come here to lead and some to be led;
While some want to feed and some to be fed;
Some come on behalf of loved ones long-dead;
Some seek their best half and then hope to be wed;

Some come to critique and to stir up some strife;
Some beg them “be meek — and put down the knife”;
Some seek the mystique of a spiritual life;
Some are just weak, and their troubles are rife.

Some come as they must, and some as they’re free;
With sackcloth and dust or upon bended knee,
Or with new suits to preen or loud shouts of glee,
Some come to be seen and some others to see.

Most all come for learning; a few come to teach;
Some just feel a yearning that’s unique to each;
A few, to be preached to … and someone, to preach;
A few, to reach out to the few beyond reach.

“You’re here for each other,” the Savior might say
“To love one another … I designed church that way.
“They’re important, you know — all the roles that you play.
“Otherwise, you could go to your closets and pray.”

— Author known, but not telling


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