Upon Three Nails

Upon three nails
is lifted up
the Son of God Most High;
in pain,
in shame
is pinioned there to die;
is forced to sup
midst soldiers’ rails.

Upon those pins
He hangs, and pleads
with them His thirst to slake;
they prod
our God –
relief He will not take
that their sponge bleeds –
but all our sins.

Upon three nails
which bear the weight
of every wrong we’ve wrought,
He drinks
and sinks
beneath its bitter draught;
each drop, our fate
as His life fails.

Too much a task;
far too much weight
to ask three nails to bear …
while we
go free
He drinks damnation there;
He does not wait
for us to ask.

Upon three nails
is wrath suspended,
the thirst for justice, quenched.
His love
must prove
a life like His, with such blood drenched,
cannot be ended
upon three nails.

© 2000, WKB

6 thoughts on “Upon Three Nails

  1. That were me.

    The poem was on the Highland Web site when we lived in Abilene and I took care of it, but the new WebServant is changing everything over to a .asp driven site, and it?s been lost.

    I originally printed out a few dozen on calling-card stock and left them with generous tips when we traveled, sometimes with a handwritten note (when appropriate) like, ?Thank you for modeling the servant nature of Christ for my family and me.?

  2. Keith, I am answering for Don because his computer is down….but his answer is a resounding YES!! He is VERY interested! Call him at 800-477-4312 and you two can chat about it.

    I really enjoy your blog! My brother-in-law is there at Pleasant Valley with you…..Jimmy Cone. Don’t hold that against me!

    In HIM,

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