Celebrate … or Cerebrate?

Words Jesus never said:

“Mother, this is a wedding feast; a time to thoughtfully ponder the blessing of unity – not a time to break out the good stuff.”

“You’re right, Judas; that perfume could have been sold and the money given to the poor. Shame on you, you wicked and wasteful woman!”

“I’m sorry, gentlemen; hey! Little children! Stop squealing ‘Son of David’! This is a temple, a place of reverence and meditation.”

“Thank you; I really do need to concentrate on my ministry. The last thing I need is a bunch of kids crawling on my lap to play.”

“When they make fun of you and accuse you falsely because of me, stop and think about what you’ve said that has offended them and see if you could have phrased it more diplomatically.”

“Well, there are thousands of them out there. You’d think at least a few would have the presence of mind to bring a lunch.”

“Peter, I asked you to prepare the Passover – and you didn’t hire a servant? What were you thinking? We can’t eat it with dirty feet! – Were you born in a barn?”

Please, God … help me never to be so meditative that I become vegetative. Help me feel when I’m tempted to think. Help me to remember the joy that You felt in giving Your most extravagant Gift, Your Son. Help keep my eyes on His joy in giving. Open them to the majesty of being born in a barn.

“Help me be Gift-rapt.”

2 thoughts on “Celebrate … or Cerebrate?

  1. Keith:I am so taken with the thoughts that you introduced as things Jesus never said, that I hoped I could presume upon you to replicate them in a church bulletin (with all proper acknowledgement of the author, of course.) If it matters to you, and I presume from the comments that I have read on your blog that you aren’t that uptight about names and church affiliations, I worship at the Central Church of Christ in Kirksville, MO. Nice to discover you on the Web.

  2. Rose Marie,Since I don’t have your e-mail address, I’ll just leave you a note here.Yes, feel free to use this post in your church bulletin if you like. I’m delighted that you found it uplifting.– Keith

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