Emergent Mouseketeers?

Some months ago, after returning from Disneyland with my family, I posted the question Wonder What Walt Would’ve Wrought?.

I’ve wondered since if the cast members, ex-cast members, stockholders, classic Disney fans and others who post articles at SaveDisney and MiceAge have things in common with the folks who are challenged by the concept(s) of the emergent/emerging church.

The SaveDisney and MiceAge people run the gamut: disgruntled, loyal, militant, nostalgic. The one they look to for answers is gone; died years ago, leaving a rich legacy of simple wisdom. The organization that bears his name has taken directions which don’t always conform to that wisdom, and there are questions about what qualifications its leaders must have, how homosexuality should be dealt with, how stories should be told, and whether the organization should be driven by a passion to accumulate money.

My children are pretty much oblivious to this. They just absorb the Disney stories over and over, enjoy them, play them, live them.

Maybe they know something I don’t.

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