Solstice: What Do You See?

Winter is here. The colder, snowy weather is scheduled to blow in from the northwest tonight, and my mom is racing in her Cadillac to blow in from the northeast and beat the weather to our house.

The weatherman on the radio has a good perception of it: “The days only get longer from here – at least for the next six months!”

That’s looking at the brighter side.

Some folks do that. They see that glass half-full. Others – and I am too often among them – see it half-empty.

My mom sees in a whole different dimension. She sees a dirty glass that needs to be emptied, washed and put away.

I often wish I could see through the eyes of others. (See Greg Taylor’s post yesterday, The Platinum Rule, to fully understand why.)

For instance, a friend of mine said he sees the banner on my blog in three dimensions after gazing at it for a few seconds. Apparently, the white letters seem to advance and the orange nebula recedes, while the nebula’s aqua “eye” floats somewhere between. I understand the principle behind the phenomenon. I just can’t experience it. I’m a bit cross-eyed, and even with corrective lenses can’t quite perceive the 3-D effect.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m more than grateful that I’m blessed with even flawed vision!

But I really look forward to the time when my gifts from above include nightless day … perfect vision … and flawless optimism.

2 thoughts on “Solstice: What Do You See?

  1. Keith, I tried staring at the logo for a few seconds. Nothing happened in 3-D, but this scary face jumped out from behind it and startled me. You dog, you! You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

  2. By the way, I have been trying to apply that Platinum Rule since reading the post yesterday. It’s a really good thought.

    Merry Christmas. the way the snow is coming down right now in Searcy, we may be stranded until next week. Everybody is on the road headed home from the office at 2:00 in the p.m., and I may join them soon. we’ll try to push this on down to Little Rock. Have a good one.

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