An Easier Objective

A news analyst commenting on the “Today” show earlier this week made an interesting observation about the terrorists/insurgents who bombed an alliance mess tent in Mosul: “They have an easier military objective than the peacekeepers.”

Isn’t that true, not only of the insurgents, but also of evil generally? It has an easier military objective.

A follower of Christ is called to walk a narrow path and enter a straight gate. To perfection without pride. To generosity without curiosity. To be a peacemaker.

Evil’s goal is not necessarily to turn us into Vaders and Valdemorts, but into Potters and Scrooges. Evil only demands a little. Thirty pieces of silver are not required to sell out our Savior. A ten-penny nail of greed will do. A thorn of selfishness. A pocket of lust in our hearts to strip and shame Him.

That’s all it takes to separate us from Him.

And if that was the only evil in our lives, He still would have come. He would have left it all and become nothing for us anyway. Innocent from cradle to grave to throne, so that we might be considered the same.

God’s most extravagant gift.

One thought on “An Easier Objective

  1. Interesting point about the easier military objective. Last year I read the memoir of a Cambodian girl whose family was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge, *First They Killed My Father.* The way that her father first explains to her that he knows the Khmer Rouge are evil in spite of their words is through looking at their shoes: their sandals are made from cut-up rubber tires. As her father explains, “They are destroyers, not creators.” And he was right.

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