Kingdom Christianity per Matthew

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I know that plenty of other and better writers have examined what it means to be a Kingdom Christian, but I’m writing this as an exercise in self-examination as much as anything else.

I thought I’d just go through and list what Jesus said about it, gospel by gospel.

If I aspire to be a Kingdom Christian, I should:

Whew! I’m glad I framed this as a list and not a pop quiz.

I’m not sure I’d like my score.

6 thoughts on “Kingdom Christianity per Matthew

  1. Score? No such word in scripture!

    Imagine the exponential blessing if we asked God to enable us to practice one of His precepts each day of February.

  2. Great post. One question……..would chapter 22 verses 37-39 qualify? 🙂

    I love your paraphrased interpretation of the verses you listed, like “open doors rather than shutting them”.

    Keep on bloggin, brother!

  3. < HREF="">Matthew 22:37-39<> definitely would, and so would many others. I was just searching for phrases directly connected with kingdom living … not intending to be exhaustive.

    Then I’d have just another abbreviated annotated commentary on the Gospel of Matthew!

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