New Wineskins Blog

A couple of nights ago while not sleeping late into the night, I had this odd idea to start a New Wineskins BLOG here on and turn it over to Greg Taylor, the online magazine’s managing editor. Little did I know that he’d been wanting to do one for a long time.

After a good night’s sleep (so I could handle HTML coding again), I put one together, and Greg seems really excited about it. He wants to use it to post some free-access articles so that non-subscribers will be able to get a taste for the good stuff behind the firewall.

There is some really good stuff there.

And it will be a place where folks can comment on articles they’ve read in both areas, hopefully.

I think he’ll be inviting the other NW editors, publisher, and several other writers to be authors on the site and I’ll stick around as a co-administrator to help tweak that Blogspot template as needed.

I pray that the good Lord will bless it, and bless many through it.

2 thoughts on “New Wineskins Blog

  1. Good job Keith, that was so nice of you to do that. I will pray the God work thru all your blogs. You never know who visits these blogs, they could be used as an excellent witness tool. Many people can be moved to Christ thru you words, keep doing your thing Keith, I’m listening.

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