god goes for broke

i’ve got one of those miserable garzonguous headaches again and i’ve just woken up from a nap where i dreamed i was my friend david u getting back from arizona or maybe one of my other met-or-unmet friends getting back from abilene later this week or from winterfest in gatlinburg and i’m catching up on the blog entries i’ve missed while i’ve been gone and finding myself permanently three days behind in this nightmarish twilightzonish separation where there are people with ideas and heartaches and joys that i can’t share because i’m always going to be three days apart out-of-sync from them in this unreachacrossable great gulf of discontinuity and i wonder is this how god felt when he went for broke in the fullness of time and there was no alternative but to send his only son because he had lost it all every precious soul he had created and loved and cherished and wept over since the beginning of time and he’d promised them he’d get them back no matter what they did and he set the deadline and there was no getting around it and that son had to die so he could have just a few of his children back so he went for broke and rolled the dice and his son said please father now send me it can’t wait and he did and the entire universe came to a screeching squealing fishtailing halt when the nails went in and the veil of the temple tore and then he waited and waited and waited an eternity three days a glimmer of hope forty days and some words by peter and the rush of his spirit and then the results started trickling in like election returns here are some back! one, twelve, three thousand a tiny fraction a drop in the bucket and the days crept on while he watched and waited from the edge of his throne a few more turning their faces homeward here and there until years have past and decades and centuries and he still waits as if nothing else matters in the cosmos but reaching across that almost unbridgeable three day chasm to the ones he has loved and lost my head hurts my head hurts my heart hurts

7 thoughts on “god goes for broke

  1. If your “head hurting” motivates you to have post like that, I hope it keeps hurting! 🙂 You blessed us again, brother!

    I’m back…..YEAH!


  2. Thankfully my artistic side was kicking in. I didn’t even notice that lack of those silly period things. I did think “This reads very urgently must be a long paragraph”. So here brother have some periods ……………………………………………………………………. More available whenever you need them.

  3. I have studies the scriptures for many years. The fact that anyone would consider “the bible” the WORD OF GOD is pure ignorance. You could not know anything of the translation (mistranslation) of the original text or the true history of this obscene piece of blasphemy.

  4. Mark … interesting point of view. Why would you spend so many years studying something that you consider obscene blasphemy?

    TCS, thanks for the periods – especially if they are long ones without headaches.

    All: thanks for the comments. I feel better today.

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