HeartWorship: How Do You Plead?

It’s the requisite first hearing. The charges against you are read aloud. They are lengthy. They are familiar.

Because you are guilty on every count. If convicted, the penalty is death.

You try to look up at the Judge, but you can’t. Finally, after the last of the charges and specifications is read, you hear His voice intone your name and ask, “How do you plead?”

Words fail you. Your Defender steps forward. “Your Honor,” He says – and His voice sounds peculiarly like the Judge’s voice – “I am authorized to enter a plea of guilty for the defendant, and to take full responsibility for the specified crimes. We have a contract to that effect.”

“Unfair!” screams your accuser. “Unjust! Nepotism!” – but he is silenced.

“So noted,” the Judge replies, and turns to you. “The case against you is dismissed. Your Defender is to be remanded to custody to serve the full measure of your sentence: death by hanging.”

You turn to see to see your Defender’s face as the gavel sounds its finality.

What language can you borrow? Would a thousand tongues be enough? Would you daily prove His love?

Would you give Him back the life you owe?

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