A Part Of History?

Like my blogging buddy James Wiser, I’d be wiser to just stop writing this blog entry right now.

I’ve really got nothing against Promise Keepers. Many of my friends have found the rallies to be moving, profound, powerful experiences. I’ve never been. I’ve never been drawn to. Maybe it’s the advertising.

This morning I passed a billboard on the way to work for a PK rally in my home state. The headline was:

“Want to Be a Part of History?”

Hmm. I think I already am, as long as I have a blog. As long as I have old newspaper columns online from my career at the Abilene Reporter-News, or bylines from articles at other newspapers I’ve worked at eating themselves up on acidic newsprint in library archives. As long – as Dr. McCoy of Star Trek might say – as people remember me.

Someday I’ll die, and my obituary will be part of history, too.

It has to be hard to market something like a Promise Keepers rally. You wouldn’t get far with a headline like “Discover Your Feminine Side – Your Wife!” or “Abandon Your Family for a Weekend – They’ll Love You For It!” or “Hug and Blubber With Your Buds in a Big Stadium!” or “Get Your PK T-Shirt Here!”

But can’t they do better than “Want to Be a Part of History?”

How about, “Be A Man – Like The Son of Man”?

Or “Learn to Serve God Through Your Family”?

Or “New Marriage Paradigm: Christ Gives Himself Up For His Bride”?

Or “What Would Jesus’ Dad Do?”

One thought on “A Part Of History?

  1. Keith, I’m just now back from a week away, and have been in withdrawal from the blogosphere. Glad to be back where I can catch up on yours and a few others.I especially like this one! Back in the late 80’s, when PK was at it’s height, I was actually scheduled to go to a rally in Dallas one weekend, and had bought flight tickets and all. As the date neared, I kept feeling there was just something incongruous about leaving my wife to care for our four boys for the weekend while I went off to learn how to be a better daddy and husband. So I sold the airline tickets, threw in the PK tickets as part of the deal, and stayed home. My boys and I built a table on our back patio that weekend, and to this day, it is one of the favorite memories of family time I have. I have never regretted not going. “Abandon your family for a weekend–they’ll love you for it!” is appropos.thanks for blogging, keep ’em coming.don

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