The First Good Friday

You’ve read the books. You’ve seen the movies.

So have I. But can any of us really force ourselves to experience what it must have been like on that first Good Friday?

The millions of words written to describe it can’t begin to. More gruesome than any horror story; more heart-breaking than any romance; more soul-wrenching than any account of innocents suffering and dying.

Because it’s not just one Man. It’s all of us. He dies there for all of us.

And we’re not innocent; not by a long shot.

One word from His lips could have stopped it and obliterated us all forever.

But that word was not, is not, cannot be in His nature.

That’s a very good thing, because He could still say it.

That makes today a very Good Friday.

2 thoughts on “The First Good Friday

  1. With those thoughts now on my mind it will truely be a good weekend. I hope more families do more that dress alike and hunt eggs this weekend. Thanks for helping us all focus on the cross.Riley

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