The Question Is Out Of Our Hands Now

I was somehow both saddened and relieved to receive an e-mail flash a few minutes ago bearing the news that Terri Schiavo has died. But I think this development is far from making the issue moot. I just hope it doesn’t serve to further polarize our country politically on issues which very nearly transcend human wisdom.

Perhaps it’s more important right now to pray for the family and the people who are most grieved … and to remember, too, all of the other less-publicized tragedies that play out every day, breaking hearts and offering the opportunity for those broken to seek the face of God – whether in grief, anger, thanksgiving, supplication, acquiesence, or some potent combination of them.

3 thoughts on “The Question Is Out Of Our Hands Now

  1. You are correct. Lets end this division. Right now families need our prayers, including Michael Shiavo’s. Lets not judge these 2 families anymore, God will take care of that in the end. We should all be praying right now not only that the Lord give them strength but the Lord BE there strength during this rough road.

  2. I wish I had more wisdom to understand this whole situation better, and then again I am not sure that level of wisdom is attainable….for me at least.One thing I do know is that if Terri was a believer, all of her troubles are now past and she has gone to her REAL home to be with her Eternal Father. I believe in HIM.

  3. My hope and prayer is that in the future issues like Terri’s tragic situation will be handled with more respect and thought.Only God knows for certain Terri’s true feelings about living or dying, and our opinions are in the realm of speculation.“…God causes all things to work together for good to those you love God, to those you are called according to His purpose”(Rom 8:28)This scripture is difficult to fathom at times, especially in tragic situations like this.Who knows the future ramifications of her plight. Will it change the laws of the land, if not, perhaps we all gain new insights to our own mortality.I do have a problem with starving and dehydrating a person to death regardless of the situation.

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