I Resisted As Long As I Could

Yeah. I’ve posted One Christian’s Affirmation as a separate, one-page blog.

Which doesn’t preclude the possibility that I might update, change, revise, amend, improve, clarify, edit and otherwise modify what I’ve said there.

And in case you’re wondering why I’ve strayed from my usual style of liberally citing with links to Bible Gateway, I’ve decided that the accounts of Jesus’ temptation in the desert make it abundantly clear that even the devil can quote scripture to his own purpose, so with one small exception I haven’t quoted any. Exactly.

Feel free to disagree, agree, and better yet WRITE YOUR OWN! If nothing else, it will tell you about yourself now and later when you look back on it. As I commented on another blog a few days ago, I think creeds are great.

Everyone should write one.

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