What The Given One Gave

I have no need He cannot fill
I have no hunger He can’t feed
I have no anger He can’t feel
I have no wound He cannot heal

He left a throne, born in a stall
He left it all for flesh and bone

I have no fear He cannot quell
I have no hell He can’t defeat
I have no hate He can’t out-love
I have no fate He cannot mete

He learned afresh of want and pain,
His loss to gain for bone and flesh

I have no thirst He cannot quench
I have no tears He cannot dry
I have no thought He cannot know
I have no word He cannot hear

From birth in creche to cross of wood,
Sin He withstood for blood and flesh

I have no work He did not give
I have no will His love can’t move
I have no love that can match His
I have no sin He can’t forgive

His tears a flood; His bones to crush
He gave His flesh; He gave His blood

It isn’t just that He would die;
That it was He who had to give;
Or that He’d live to make all just;
It’s that He’d do it all for me
It’s that He’d do it just for me

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