HeartWorship: A Miktam of David

I trust you, God; I’m in safe hands
You are my Lord; You give good things
The good who dwell within your lands
Delight in what Your glory brings

Yet sorrows will increase for those
who scurry after other gods
whose names my lips will not disclose
nor will I pour their cups of blood

My cup and portion, Lord, you give
and make my place in life secure:
a pleasant place for me to live;
a legacy that You make sure

I’ll praise the Lord who counsels me,
instructing my heart day and night
My faith will not be shaken free;
You stand before me on my right

My heart is glad and sings all day,
My body also rests assured
Your Holy One sees no decay,
You lift me from a grave secured

You’ve shown the path of life to me
and in Your presence I will stand,
filled up for all eternity
with joy and bliss, at Your right hand.

(Psalm 16, quoted in part by Peter when preaching in Acts 2:25-28)

– WKB, ©2005

4 thoughts on “HeartWorship: A Miktam of David

  1. Oooops…..I meant to say keep feeding US, sorry. On second thought, I bet you are feeding from it also.Anyway, you are blessing us!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find out why Psalms 18 is called a miktam of David. Anyway… i loved your blog about those who try to save themselves by strict orthodoxy and the paraphrase of the old Fanny Crosy hymn. A recovering Pharisee,Pastor George bellvillepastor@gmail.com

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