The ‘Meaning’ of Life

Is life really getting meaner? Are people actually blowing up at each other more often – figuratively as well as literally – and not just in Iraq? Are there more sneers, jeers, snides, asides, derides? More words turning the air bluer than ever before?

Is there more side-choosing and armpit-smelling than there used to be? More lines drawn in the sands and chips knocked off of shoulders? More condemnation and less commendation? Has our country become a condem-nation?

Is it just because there are more people, or that the meanness is getting more air-time? Is there just plainly more meanness?

Or is it just me, getting old?

3 thoughts on “The ‘Meaning’ of Life

  1. I had to read that one sentence twice, I thought you said “Has our country become a condom-nation?” and my reply was going to be “how does that fit in, but ABSOLUTELY!” 🙂 Always good to read things “twicet” (as my dad says it). I think you could have a pretty good argument for either choice you took in this discussion. Do I sound like a politician? The only thing that gives me peace is to know that God STILL is in control. Isn’t that grand? Thanks for making us think and stretch. DU

  2. I think you are correct. We think a great deal of our “rights” but not too much about the feelings of others.John Wooden, the famous basketball coach, has a favorite saying that goes like this:“Consider the rights of others before your fellings and the fellings of others before your rights.”Sound a great deal like do unto others ….

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