Aliens and Strangers

I watch too much HGTV. I am abnormally curious about other peoples’ home decor. I like visiting tour homes when I’m on vacation. I mail-ordered a video of Hearst Castle as a gift for Angi years ago, but I’ve probably watched it twice as many times as she has.

I like my home. I like living there. I liked working there. I don’t like it when I don’t have time or money to keep it up, fix its plumbing, mow its yard, repaint its trim, clean its gutters.

I am not an alien and a stranger.

I’m talking about I Peter 2:11 here, and Hebrews 11:13, and all the way back to I Chronicles 29:15.

I’m talking about Elijah, and John the Baptist, and Jesus.

And Jesus. And Jesus. And Jesus.

And His disciples, of course. Paul. Many others.

I know Jesus didn’t call everyone to be a homeless person.

But sometimes I am too much “of” this world as well as “in” it.

6 thoughts on “Aliens and Strangers

  1. I find it a paradox in a lot of ways because as long as we’re alive and living on this earth in physical bodies we must have physical things to sustain us. We must have food, clothes, water, shelter (of some sort), transportation, on and on. But, then, the moment we die, we have no need of ANY of those things. They all become instanty useless to us. My mom is always pointing that out because we MUST have a certain number of “things” to sustain us and keep us alive. As she says, if we were to give away all that we own and/or earn through our work, then we would be homeless and helpless and dependent on others. So, that wouldn’t accomplish a whole lot.For me, then, it all comes down to what our attitude is toward all of the “things” that we have, including all of our worldly possessions and goods – including our homes. We must realize that all of those things we have are truly from God alone and that He expects us to use them for His good in whatever way we can for as long as we’re alive.The trick is, of course, like you say, to live “in” the world without being too much “of” the world. It’s difficult to always know how exactly to do that or what all God would have us do, I think. But I know for me that the longer I live the more I realize how very temporary this physical body and all of our physical possessions are and that, indeed, I am an alien and a stranger.

  2. I sometimes have clients who express their desire for “Permanence” in their buildings. Imortality thru brick.

  3. The dilemma of pitching our tents without becoming to comfortable is as old as Joseph’s children and their descendents settling in Goshen. It seems that when we become too comfortable God likes to remind us this is not our home.

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