A Common Theme

If two or more of my frequently-read blogs seem to be unrelatedly following the same theme, I take special note. There’s probably something to it.

Rusty Peterman notes in his entry this weekend The Apostles’ Teaching that what the early church doubtless heard was the Story of Jesus.

Similarly, Greg Kendall-Ball ponders one of the Unexpected Blessings that he and Sara received at the Global Missions Conference in Arlington: a message from minister Rich Little recommending an emphasis on teaching Christ rather than moral codes, the Bible or a particular church brand.

And finally, on the New Wineskins site, managing editor Greg Taylor recounts how his mission efforts in Uganda some years ago did that very thing: focusing on Christ when asking Questions About the Gospel of Mark.

I commented on Rusty’s blog:

“For I resolved to know nothing among you save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified …”

Still a great rule of thumb.

Those who haven’t heard of Him need to, and the rest of us never get tired of hearing more about Him.

Is it really possible to exhaust the subject of Jesus Christ, even in a lifetime of sermons, Bible classes, misson conferences, coffee-shop encounters, or anonymous notes of encouragement?

2 thoughts on “A Common Theme

  1. Keith, before you think I am a copy-cat…..I want you to know that I read and commented on Greg Kendall Ball’s blog BEFORE I read your post today!! 🙂 Hey, great minds think alike, huh? That should be kinda scary for you, brother! Anyway, thanks for ANOTHER super post!DU

  2. It really does seem amazing how we have created religious teachings in the name of Jesus but left him out of the picture.God please help me not to do that.

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