Praying Dangerously

I’m praying dangerously today.

I’m praying “Thy will be done.”

Not “Help help help!”

Not even “Thank You thank You thank You!”

I’m praying The Big One.

Thy will be done.

11 thoughts on “Praying Dangerously

  1. Ah Keith, you have been on my mind. I do not know what you are struggling with, but I hope your answers are clear….I will shout one up for you too!

  2. Interesting…I KNOW my most common “arrow” prayer is HELP!!!“Thy Will” is a “dangerous” surrender–but God is always faithful.I am remembering you friend! I pray God shows you His will!JB

  3. Yeah that is deff. a scary one to pray, I prefer the “let everything stay the same” prayer, but it usually doesn’t work out that well.

  4. I’ve prayed that prayer in the past under circumstances of horrendous proportions at times when I didn’t think I could bear the outcome or go on living, even, and sometimes in less stressful situations when I just couldn’t seem to go on trying so hard to do things myself or to even ask for help any more, as you’re saying.What’s always been so extraordinary to me is that in each and every instance, without fail, things then worked out in some way or other that was either immediately, or sometimes eventually, good. Without fail.But, it is SO hard to pray that prayer. So hard and I haven’t done it nearly enough, I don’t think. You’d think I’d have learned from the past that God will and does provide. But, it’s still really hard to “let go and let God” as the saying goes. Easy to say, but extremely hard to do.So, I commend you for having the courage and heart to do so and will continue to pray for you, too, that whatever troubles you are dealing with will be relieved. That’s what we’re here for – to help each other out and as Donna commented the other day on my blog, to “bear each other’s burdens” when life is not fair to those nearby we know.

  5. A dangerous but an absolutely necessary prayer for this recovering alcoholic. I try every day – sometimes harder than others – to completely surrender my life and will over to the care of Christ. But I’ll be danged if by mid day some days I haven’t reached back and tried to grab aholt of it again. He may give me another chance tomorrow. We’ll see.His Grace is a warm, soft place to fall… so, I’ll keep trying.g’night

  6. The Bible tells us God collects two things…..know what they are?It says he collects every tear we ever shed………wow. And it tells us that he collects every prayer we ever prayed……and according to Revelation 5 he keeps our prayers in Golden Bowls. I think at times all he needs for holding mine is a golden thimble.Go ahead on, brother!DU

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