Be Powerful

Pray today. Pray for Rachel Pleasant. Pray for little Ira Hays. Pray for Rebekah. Pray for the ICOC. Pray for victims, families, rescue workers, repair crews in the wake of destruction left by Hurricane Katrina.

Never doubt that prayer has power. Your will and my will may not be what God initially had in mind, but He is God, and He can – and has in the past – “bent” His will to accommodate what His children have asked for.

Thank you for your prayers. After a drought of career opportunities this summer, there seems to be a good soaking rain of them all about me. A friend called yesterday out of the blue and said he’d been praying about me. I told him it was having an effect! He sounded a little disappointed, and said “Please don’t accept anything until I’ve had a chance to get back to you within seven to ten days.” What he could only hint at was a possibility that would put my skills to good use for the Lord. I promised him I wouldn’t say “yes” to anyone until we had talked again.

Nothing puts the paltriness of your own career satisfaction into perspective like seeing the devastation of a hurricane, or of cancer in a little girl, or of a rapidly-spreading infection in a young wife, or CDH in a tiny baby, or the potential of devastation in a struggle within a fellowship of believers.

Prayer has power, though.

Be powerful today.

2 thoughts on “Be Powerful

  1. I am trying to be faithful to prayer. I am not good at it. No, I am terrible at it. But I am trying to do better, and I know I can with HIS help.Thanks for calling us to hit our knees.DU

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