Clones of God

I think there are some folks in many church fellowships who want their brothers and sisters to be clones of God … or perhaps more accurately, clones of themselves. Thinking, believing, acting the way they do.

Like the Nazi-ish stormtroopers of Star Wars or the goofy-looking Oompa-Loompas of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: everyone looking, speaking, behaving the same.

How boring.

God didn’t make us clones. He made us different from each other. He expected us to generate different points of view, interact with each other about them, appreciate the differences. It’s part of what enriches His creation. Peter didn’t preach like Paul. John the Baptist wore itchy camel’s hair.

If He had wanted every detail of His will to be perfectly clear and universally known, couldn’t He have done that? (Even if it took a MUCH bigger book than the Bible?)Or is it more likely that He wants us to meditate on what He has revealed … discuss it; share it; learn from each other – struggle? disagree? love and accept each other anyway?

Rather than marching in lock-step on the “only correct” side of every single issue we can think of?

4 thoughts on “Clones of God

  1. [sarcasm alert]Ah, yes, but isn’t it so much easier when we all agree on everyhting? After all, how can I tell if you’re OK if you don’t agree with me on everything? And if I can’t tell if you’re OK, how do I know how to treat you? I might treat you like a brother when you really aren’t! Yikes.🙂

  2. Look at the variety in nature…..from animals to plants!So why would he want us to be any different. Just like my two boys….they look very different and have different interests and tastes….but they are BOTH my boys!I am glad I can still read you while in California!

  3. Unity has often been defined as uniformity. I think we have to make sure those words are clearly and distinctively defined so that they are no longer confused.

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