A Point Beyond Which …

I’m troubled by a sudden insight into my own character ….

I’ve long known that there is a point beyond which I will not go on any given temptation or issue of doctrine or question of faith. A point where I say to myself, “All right, I’ll do this … but I won’t do that.” I’m not real happy about where some of them are, but those defining points of wrongness and sin have to be somewhere, don’t they?

What bothers me more is not the floor formed by those points that I stand on, uneven and spiky though it may be.

It’s the fact that I’ve erected a ceiling of points beyond which I will not go in serving, in worshiping, in believing.

And they’re between me and my God.

They’re defined exactly the same way: “Okay, I’ll do this … but I won’t do that. I’ll go this far, but not a step closer. I’ll give this much, but not a moment / dollar / foot-pound of effort more.”

Limits. Ceilings. Points beyond which I will not go.

It’s pointless – pardon the pun – to have them, because if God truly works in me through His Spirit, there can’t be any limits in that direction.

There just can’t be any.

4 thoughts on “A Point Beyond Which …

  1. KB, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger…..there are lots of us in line behind you. One thing I have noticed though, my ceiling keeps getting higher and higher, and that has to be a good thing.DU

  2. I don’t consciously have limits I just don’t want to let go of the strings and let God have complete control….again not a conscience decision..I just know that control (which is just a nice way of saying pride!) is my biggest obstacle!(It is kind of spooky to have someone link YOUR pictures in a comment on your blog..!!Sounds like I have lost control)

  3. I know exactly what you’re talking about, at least in theory and, as far as your ideas apply to my own personal failings. I think it’s good we are troubled by those unsavory things we see within ourselves.That said, from the outside, through the eyes of those who watch us and especially through God’s eyes, the perception may be considerably different. Visions of our own sinfulness may be a good thing, prompting us to action. I am still constantly astounded by His forgiveness, constantly amazed by His grace, constantly encouraged by the way God takes even the failings, our floors and ceilings,our commissions and ommisions, and uses them for His glory.

  4. mmmmm… I think I might be struggling with some of these same issues in regards to my own future…Thank you for this post. I have much to reflect on in my decisions about what avenues to pursue next in ministry, whether I work with a church, parachurch organization, or if I’m in the secular field volunteering my time.Think on this, I must.

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