Sound Doctrine … or Just A Good Idea?

Does anyone have a really good goof-proof method for determining the difference between what is sound doctrine and what is just a good idea?

And what may not be a very good idea?

I’m really asking. I really want to know.

Just saying “If it’s in the Bible, it’s sound doctrine” won’t cut it. We all know that. Satan wasn’t shy about using scripture to tempt Jesus.

How can we know what is the desire of God’s heart for us, apart from all of the ditherings about language and meaning and definition and law and command and example and necessary inference?

How much can we rely upon His grace to cover our lack of understanding?

Is it possible to know God’s will in every conceivable circumstance?

Or is it arrogance to think that we can? That we do?

Is it possible God intentionally built a level of mystery, seeming contradiction, translucence – rather than opaqueness or transparence – into His word so that we would constantly struggle, study, pray, attempt, fail, repent, learn, experience the light that we seek in perfect clarity?

To keep us humble?

To keep us seeking?

To draw us closer?

14 thoughts on “Sound Doctrine … or Just A Good Idea?

  1. Love the Lord with all your heart soul and mind…and your brother as yourself.If it builds off of this it is sound. When it somehow focuses on me or you it is faulty..But I don’t think we are supposed to “know” everything. It is hard for us in a information laden world to fathom what it would have been like in the 1st Century without anything in writing. Love is mysterious and everything is built on love. Or at least it is supposed to be!

  2. It’s inspired, but not goof-proof! Suppose I decide to love my brother’s wife as myself ….Or I love the Lord and my brother, but not my sister….

  3. Boy, Keith – You’re full of questions! How about some answers for those of here “down south” in harm’s way?!I think ALL is mysterious in life, myself. At least it’s always seemed that way to me and hasn’t changed a bit of late. I sometimes don’t understand ANY of it all, to tell the truth.But, I still have deep faith and still seek and search to find “God’s ways” for my life. I don’t know if I’ll ever find that elusive road to travel, but until I do, I will keep searching and following Him as best I can and look forward to our life beyone where, I hope and trust, all of our questions will be answered.In the meantime, you guys please pray for us and for all in harm’s way, wherever this latest hurricane go, as we try to continue to do God’s will as best we can against all odds, at least as this word measurens such things.Dee

  4. Ah Keith, if you were loving your brother as yourself you would know his wife is off limits….But I get what you are saying and I confess I struggle with the same thing. I like to use my love like it is my own, I will give it to you and you, but not you…and I want to give someone else an extra dose of my love…I don’t think that is what Jesus meant.

  5. Boy Keith, I hope we are not saved based on our interpretation otherwise we are ALL in trouble. I think us as christians need to worry more about our relationship with Him and those He loves then worry about believng x, y and z. Although doctrine is important its the one thing that has divided us as brothers and sisters then anything else in this life. Lets just bask in Gods glory and keep in mind the unity we all have in Christ Jesus even though one may not believe its mandated that we share in the Lords supper every Sunday for example.

  6. I really like the idea of God intentionally leaving scripture a bit mysterious. I like it because, well, scripture is mysterious, and I hope that having scripture in such a way intentional on God’s part and not accidental. I’ve always been amazed that in a world full of people “just reading the Bible” and coming with vastly different interpretations, that some people could say that if we “just read the Bible” we can get at the “plain sense of scripture.” We are all reading the Bible and all coming up with different interpretations. Perhaps the goal of scripture reading is not to get the right answers and interpretations, but to become the right kind of people. Maybe the real reason why we read scripture is so that scripture can read us.

  7. “”Perhaps the goal of scripture reading is not to get the right answers and interpretations, but to become the right kind of people”” Amen to that Travis, I like what you said here and agree 100%.

  8. Or perhaps it was intentionally made mysterious and vague during its many translations by the church in order to ensure the further need for “experts” (themselves) to make it understandable.But in the centuries past the true interpretations based on the original meaning has been lost.So we’re left with only educated guesses and assumptions.

  9. I’m not so sure about that, Fraya – to borrow a phrase from “X Files”, I believe the truth is in there.All the truth we need. (Maybe all we can handle!)And the true interpretations are the ones that reflect God.

  10. “And the true interpretations are the ones that reflect God”But whos interpretation of god? Who he is what he is what he does?Unless you can get an answer straight from the big guy, which interpretation is the “true” one that reflects the “true” god?

  11. Hey! Hey! This is <>my<> blog! You can’t go co-opting my questions like that, Fraya!Oh, who am I kiddin’? Sure you can.That, to me, is part of what draws me closer to God … having a good dialog with others who share the same questions and struggles and <>really want to know Him<>.I know that rules and guilt and shame don’t do the job.But knowing that He loves me – like Donna (djg) points out – <>does<> draw me closer, and closer to others He loves.Kind of an eternal triangle thing.How’s that for sound doctrine?

  12. Hmm.. I still prefer:God loves us and wishes that we care for one another and treat them how we would like to be treated.Its just that simple thats all there is to it.The rest is pomp, circumstance, ritual and unnecessary complication that often results in the corruption and subversion of the original intent.Works for me.

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