I Hope You Dance

One of my elders, Steve Stevens, began our Bible class Sunday morning describing an adorable little girl that he sees on his daily drive to work. She waits for the school bus by her apartment complex, her books and lunch on the ground.

I knew what he was going to say next, because I used to see her on my daily commute too:

“And she dances.”

She dances with pure, unbridled joy to music unheard by others – not because she’s plugged into an iPod, but because the music is in her head and her heart.

Steve taught a lesson about Moses dancing around God’s request that he lead his people out of Egyptian slavery … just as we often do, even when we know in our heads and hearts what God is asking us to do.

His conclusion? “I want to hear the music God puts in my heart, and then dance.”

Steve said some kind things about my blog to me before that class. He said he wished he could keep a blog, but he didn’t think he could write. I don’t know about that.

He sure can teach.

5 thoughts on “I Hope You Dance

  1. Tell Steve that he is robbing us of a tremendous blessing if he chooses NOT to blog! I appreciate him and his family SO much!DU

  2. I like people who notice little things. Jesus seems to avoid the fanfare for the backstage gems. This post reminds me of the Leanne Womack song,”I Hope You Dance,” which is a keeper as well. Also reminds me of a D.U.archive where he wrote about “Walking Man,” a local who walked and smiled and waved at everyone commuting. Later K.BrentonKR

  3. I had to laugh – I was reading ahead a bit in <>Celebration of Discipline<> about the worship chapter, and Foster encourages people to reclaim the Christian practice of ecstatic/holy dance in worship. Evidently there is a significant tradition of dance in Quaker worship (though not the ecstatic movement sometimes seen in Pentacostal or Holiness churches). My home church in Kansas has had liturgical dancers for several years, and it’s been a growing experience for the Lutherans…I’d like to be able to recapture my ability to dance to the music God puts in my head. Thanks for the nudge about it, brother.

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