Bring It Over To My Place

I’m a donkey on the edge! I’ve got a dragon, and I’m not afraid to use it! – Shrek (actually Donkey)

Donkey just needed a place to verbalize; his own little place in the swamp, where he could have a conversation and not get on anyone’s nerves.

You need a place like that? I’ve got one for you. It’s the new Bulletin Board on my site, and it’s free and open for business. No strings attached. No registration. No ID check. No monthly fees. No guarantees. No refunds.

Feel free to post a suggested time and topic on your blog and go after it!

If it gets too bawdy or brawly, I may have to shut it down – but I doubt that’ll happen.

I’m off to the kids’ homecoming game. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Bring It Over To My Place

  1. Sorry, poppets; the nasty robots and spiders found it and started filling it up with filthy messages. So it had to come down. Shame, really.

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