It’s not often that I’m caught wordless.

Today I am. I am anticipating – with great joy – beginning my new position at my church Monday morning, where my title may or may not end up including the word “minister.”

I am also saddened to know that two of my favorite blog authors are thinking seriously of dropping out of the formal, paid ministry to pursue other careers and continue ministry as an unpaid reward.

One of them has committed to decide, with his wife, today.

I’m not so bound to the illusion of the church requiring paid ministers, huge edifices and expansive programs that I believe this choice would be a bad thing for either of them. But the causes of their desire to depart careers in ministry – perhaps never to return – does make me sad indeed.

Paul made tents on the side. Luke was evidently a doctor. Maybe Peter left his nets permanently; maybe not. (It sounds like he was back at them in John 21 ….)

To be sure, we need more ministers in other professions. And all kinds of churches are finding it more difficult to find qualified ministers; it’s a trend that continues.

I just don’t know what to think about it, what to write about it – most of all, what to pray about it. Perhaps, like everything else I should pray about, I just need to turn it over to the Lord and trust His wisdom, power and providence.

Neal, Brian: My prayers are for you.

But they are wordless.

2 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. Thank you, Keith… I really appreciate your encouraging words, your prayers, and your friendship. I hope God affords you, Angie, Jenny, and I the opportunity to get together in the future.Love you brother.Brian

  2. Thanks Keith. I need prayers right now. Preparing tonight to preach tomorrow is an odd feeling. I wish I knew where God was leading. I guess that’s not the point.But in all sincerity…enjoy your first day of formal ministry. It can be a really fun job. Enjoy working with Chuck M.

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