Fancy, Schmancy

I don’t know why I ever changed my template.

I’ve always liked this one, and the newer one made people work too hard to get to the links that are perfectly visible at the sidebar in this one.

Sometimes a design that works fine for your personal site just doesn’t work nearly as well for your blog, and that was true of the newer one.

Besides, it was bombing some folks’ browsers, and that’s not very hospitable.

So it’s back to the old.

The old skin was better.

9 thoughts on “Fancy, Schmancy

  1. {but I am going to miss the “all seeing eye watching me!”}You are truly gifted in this area. It is great you have found a job to not only show-case your gifts but to serve God as well….hmmm maybe answered prayers??

  2. great use of {} donna.Keith, I liked the new one as well. But this one is probably easier for folks. {does this mean that you prefer old wineskins}

  3. Tommy, it’s a quandary for me … I like new wineskins, but prefer old wine. Not a big problem though; I only have the budget for new wine.

  4. Keith, I agree, the side menu here is better. The old one was slower to load and hid the content under the headings. It seemed to ‘flash’ several times during loading (the New Wineskins blog does too), why is that?Can you take the new (or is it old now?) design with the big eye and incorporate this side menu?BTW – Since you’ve got your own web space, have you considered ditching Blogger and going to a stand alone blog using WordPress or Movable Type? I really like MT (most of the time) and I know that there are lots of folks in love with WP.

  5. I agree that this is better. I’m running into the same difficulty with my own template. Doesn’t quite fit with my linking strategy.I loved the other image though. Would you consider offering that nice, large image as a wallpaper or something?I’ve certainly enjoyed your blog. I’m a new subscriber to your RSS feed. You can check out my blog at:,Joshua

  6. Amy, great to have a famous name visiting my blog – even if it doesn’t necessarily belong to the one who made it famous!Glad you can see my site now, too.

  7. The other one looked great, Keith, but this “old” one IS much easier to see and get around in. So, I’m glad it’s back. I didn’t realize how difficult the “new” one was to navigate until I saw the “old” one back again.Maybe there’s a nugget in there somewhere about not trying to get change “everything” and get too “fancy, schmancy” in all we do as Christians, too, sometimes when we get “tired of” and “bored with” our walk with God and think that if we just “modernize” and change everything, then all will be better.I’m just throwing that thought in because I’ve done the same thing myself in the past and found that in the end, it wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Don’t get me wrong – I’m always for keeping up with the times and making changes in areas that definitely need to be changed. But sometimes it seems to be overkill.There should be a good discussion in these thoughts somewhere, but I’m too tired this evening to start one.Anyway – I prefer this look. (I never did like the “all seeing eye watching me” anyway!)Oh – by the way – did someone mention wine? I thought this was a kosher c of C blog! ha! But if you’ve got some – old OR new, invite us over!

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