HeartWorship: Rich Toward God

It is said that the New Testament records Jesus speaking more on the subject of wealth and want than any other.

In one of those instances – responding directly to someone who had asked Him to arbitrate between brothers about an inheritance – He told a story about a rich man who planned to build bigger and better and store up his wealth and retire, but God called him a fool … required his life of him that night … and asked him who would get all his accumulated things. Then Jesus said: “This is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich toward God.” (Luke 12:21)

In Matthew 6, His meaning is clear: If you’re too much invested in clothes or cars or cash, you need to be aware that there are things like moths and rust and thieves. It’s a topsy-turvy concept: treasures gained by giving away; wealth accumulated by divestiture; richness toward God through poverty of spirit.

And when it’s demonstrated by a widow giving the tiny amount she has, the God whom she worships praises her generosity.

8 thoughts on “HeartWorship: Rich Toward God

  1. Good post Keith, It is my observation that Jesus spoke more of the Kingdom than any other subject. But there are thousands of verses throughout the Bible that speak about money/ riches.

  2. It took me years to finally understand that everything I own is either dust or will be on day. When that fact got through I announced that anyone who wants can come and go through my library. If they want to read a book, take it. If they want to bring it back, do so. If they don’t bring it back, fine. I cannot tell you how hard that was for this bibliophile but I had to do it: I have attacked others for hoarding money when I hoarded knowledge. Tsk tsk.

  3. I’ve “skimmed” through your latest post several times, but am just taking the time to really read it.Our home has flooded twice in the last 10 years from excessive rain, in 1995 and 2001, although God was gracious to spare us this latest time in the hurricane, and so I learned first hand what it means to lose many, many things I had kept and treasured over the years.But, you know what? As a result, most closets in our house are now half empty, or less, and I have given away probably 75% of the books I had long collected over the years. Yet I find my life being more free than it has ever been and I rarely (although once in a while) look for or miss those things I gave away to someone else.I have given most of the things that had any value to me or which were valued by someone else, starting with my 3 children, and yet I would have to say I am happier now than I have ever been.Thanks for the post, Keith, about our “riches toward God.” Those are the only ones worth holding on to and not letting go. Those are the only ones of eternal value.

  4. I read your post thinking YES, why can’t we just let this lesson sink in??….and then Patrick and Dee talk of giving away books! Not my precious books!!Perhaps I do need to revisit my hoarding heart!

  5. Thank you for a convicting post…There are some things in this life we participate in, and when we do, we are participating in the divine nature of God. Love is definitely one of them, giving not hoarding is another.

  6. Thanks for this post, especially right now in the shopping season. I tend to want to give my kids everything at Christmas, but also want to be careful about the lessons they are learning about hoarding and materialism.

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