The Hope of Glory

Well, I might as well get into it. I got started thinking about it in my last post. I wondered how seriously we take the idea that God is in us.

Because it’s obvious to me that His Spirit is intimately involved in preservation of unity.

When Paul wrote to Colossae, Christ was in the saints – though it was a mystery.

His Spirit was in the prophets before He was born among men, when they sought the details of that incarnation to serve those who would follow them.

His Spirit was in David, who begged that the Spirit not be taken away from him when he sinned against God.

It was His prayer to be in us.

If His Spirit isn’t in us, we aren’t His.

His Spirit is how He seals us as His own, and guarantees what He has promised later.

His Spirit is how He strengthens us from within.

His Spirit is how God pours out His love into our hearts.

Our bodies are His temple.

So it’s a question more important than whether the Spirit works apart from the Word or how He works or whether He still works today. Because if He dwells in followers of the Word throughout Christians’ lives, it’s inconceivable that He could be a freeloading parasite, sponging off of the prophets of His book. It’s a question more important than how can we know He is in us, because He said He would be and when God says He’ll do something, it’s as good as done. It’s more important than any question raised by the advertisers of GatorAde because it has to do with the water of life, the Spirit of God, the hope of glory:

Is He in you?

2 thoughts on “The Hope of Glory

  1. I remember, specifically, the night I first became really aware of the Spirit’s, God’s, presence within me, more than I ever had before and in ways I’d never experienced before.Not to say that the Spirit and God hadn’t been there all along, for a very long time, but for some reason, that night I “felt” it fully and completely while laying here in the house in bed in the dark. And it hasn’t been all that long ago, either. I don’t know now how long, but way too far into my life to come to that understanding, I felt.I just realized while lying there thinking and praying and meditating that God was, indeed, inside of me. Totally and completely, and I was not alone there in the dark – or ever – wherever I might be or whatever I might be doing in any circumstance.I know it was before my open heart surgery, because when I first awoke, when I was still completely paralyzed from the drugs they’d of necessity given me, I KNEW, without a doubt, I wasn’t alone, even though I could not move, could not speak (I had a trach and tubes running out of me everywhere), could not communicate in any way except internally, within myself.Gosh – what memories all that brings back. Yes – He is in me and I am different for the knowledgge and understanding of that.

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