I Just Deleted A Post

It was judgmental and unkind. It was arrogant and rude and it insisted on its own way. It was irritable and resentful, and probably jealous and boastful, and certainly rejoiced at wrong.

I thought it was clever and funny. On a second look, five minutes later, I perceived it very differently.

So it was up five minutes too long.

And if you happened to see it, I deeply apologize for my poor taste, poor judgment, and poor attitude.

5 thoughts on “I Just Deleted A Post

  1. I didn’t see it, but I appreciate you pulling it if you thought those things about it. I can’t see you being that way, but I trust your judgement. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes.In HIM,DU

  2. I didn’t see it. I wish I had. You write some pretty funny stuff, sometimes. And what good is it to have readers if you can’t offend them now and then?…but i do appreciate your introspection and the desire to make the web a kinder, gentler place.

  3. I hear you. I have been known to post just before bedtime, then wake up at 2 or 3 am and delete them!Perhaps I should just WRITE at bedtime, then hit “save as draft” and decide if they should be posted AFTER I’ve slept on it!

  4. Unfortunately, I have left some up more than 5 minutes–I have been known to mimic Matt’s routine–wake up at 2 or and put them back to draft!

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