The Worship Meeting

Since some have asked … I think it went well. Probably the low point was when I put my foot on the table and pretended to shoot it. (Hey, I have a little theatre in my background.)

The subject of having a different worship time for a different worship style came up, and I was shooting myself in the foot by opposing it. Truth is, I would love to attend – and even help plan – such services. I’m pretty sure my wife and kids would love it, too. But I don’t think my mom-in-law, at 87, would be very comfortable with it and I love being able to sit with her at worship. So, though I wouldn’t say the staff came to consensus on that question, I think we were reasonably comfortable with the idea of having a less-formal devotional time, say, on Thursday nights or whatever.

There were other issues. I don’t feel at liberty to discuss them, but I do think that the staff was pretty much united by the close of the meeting on some important and urgent items. There will be other discussions, I’m sure, and in the end our elders will certainly call on the wisdom supplied by the Spirit to make decisions on some of those items.

It’s clear to me that we all want to offer our very best to the Lord in our worship. We want everyone’s heart to be engaged during it – perhaps it’s not possible with everyone all the time – but to do our best not to be causing distress or distraction from our focus on Him.

Maybe our ministry intern Andrew Sherrill posed the best rule-of-thumb test for any given item in question:

Will it make God happy?

4 thoughts on “The Worship Meeting

  1. I’m glad to hear it went well. It’s a testament to your and everyone’s love for each other and Christ-like maturity to be able to peacefully work through issues.

  2. I’m thankful you thought it went well.It is hard–what my mom and what my kids consider worship is pretty different. Glad you came up with some ideas that no one felt compromised!

  3. Change is always exciting to those of us who want to implement it. My experience is that our creative God is happy and pleased with our worship focus on him, using the special gifts he has blessed and endowed each one of us with. The other side of my brain has learned (and still learns after all these years) that God is also happy when we walk in small steps towards sharing what he has given us with those who have felt his gifts in their lives differently. Hang in there … your spirit is listening to his, and his timing will bring you all forward.🙂

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