Blogiversary #2

Two years ago today I began blogging. (Look at the bottom post on the linked page. Best I can do. Blogger has changed its archive system since then.)

I blogged about faith becoming fact. Two years later – on this Good Friday – I’m not sure how to gauge whether my life’s faith has become fact in a greater degree.

In some faith matters, I’ve become more emergent. In others, more recessive. I’m not proud of it. That’s just the fact I need to face, and change.

Whatever miracles Jesus must have seen done by His own hand; whatever great teachings He must have heard His own lips speak for His Father … when soldiers held His lacerated back to a cross and nailed His hands and feet to it, I wonder if His faith became less than fact for a few moments. If He was tempted to call the legions of angels to rescue Him. If He felt like struggling against the torturers with his last ounces of futile human strength to escape the pain, the asphyxiation, the inevitable.

The fact is, He didn’t act on any lack of faith He might have felt. And that made His faith fact. It made Good Friday good. It made all of us who believe good – in fact, perfect in His sight – whatever deficits of faith we might have; whatever timidity in acting on our faith; whatever horrible facts confront us.

He has been there.

And He knows.

4 thoughts on “Blogiversary #2

  1. AMEN to your post! Also, we have been blessed to have been able to sit at your feet for 2 years. I hope we get to another 30 or so at least. šŸ™‚ Love you bro,DU

  2. I read that first post…I am not sure if it was when you wrote it or later…but I loved it and most everything since..Happy Blogiversary-2-u

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