The Post I Didn’t Intend to Write

One of the most profound bits of advice I have encountered is in Darryl Tippens’ new book Pilgrim Heart: “Let go.”

He is careful to explain that the person who gave it to him was not advising letting go of the end of the rope he found himself clinging to, but to let go of the frustration, helplessness, and overwhelming imperative need for self-sufficiency in a predicament beyond his control.

Let go. And trust God. Empty yourself.

Go kenotic, not psychotic.

What I wanted to do with this post is not what needs to be done. So as I put my fingers to the keyboard, with a good warmed-over anger seething and the eloquent riposts flowing and the self-righteous indignation honed to a slicing edge …

… unbidden, the words “Let go” came to my mind and heart from the pages of Pilgrim Heart I had read again earlier this week.

Let go.

Not Obi-Wan’s “Let go of your feelings”; not Jean-Luc Picard’s “Let the past be the past”; not the Beatles’ “Let it be.”

Just “let go.”

Why is it so hard to let go?

Why is it so hard to trust the One who formed you in the womb, has seen to your every need and perhaps permitted too many of your desires, and has sent His own dear Child to take the blame for your selfishness when your desires became more important than others’ needs?

Well, here it is: the post I didn’t intend to write.

I won’t regret it later, like the one I had to remove some time back.

You won’t know for sure what it was that I did intend to write, because I won’t post it later.

Because, for this one time, I just let go. And you know what?

It really does feel better.

4 thoughts on “The Post I Didn’t Intend to Write

  1. “Let go and let God” sometimes comes off as a trite saying. It finds, IMO, its full meaning and life in this post that you didn’t intend to write. Your surrendered spirit oozes through these lines. Love and mercy have triumphed, at least in this moment! If it were possible to peek into heaven I believe we would see Jesus smiling. We might even hear Him say, ?Now, that?s what I?m talking about!?

  2. I’m with Donna–I let go–and then go back and take it on again–so I have to let go again *sigh*–if you ever figure why I do that–please let me know–I’m tired.Darryl was my freshman lit prof–great guy!

  3. Your spirit DOES very much shine through here, Keith. Your best nature, breathed into you by God, shaped by His Word, led by His Son and filled with His Spirit, the Comforter.This post definitely has a different “feel” to it – a different “weight” that it carries. It suits you well, brother. It suits you well.And you encourage me to want to be the same way. Always, not just once in a great while, now and then, as I often am. But constantly and steadily as I continue this journey home.I don’t know what you’d intended to post, but I know we’re better served by reading these Spirit-filled words. So, thanks.Hope you all have a blessed Lord’s Day.

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