Small Notes from a Smaller Mind

  • Last week, some scientific research team somewhere announced their findings that road rage may be largely caused by hereditary factors. I’m not scientist, but my anecdotal research indicates that road rage is largely caused by other drivers doing stupid things which threaten your life and the lives of your passengers.
  • Ann Coulter recently released a book called Godless which has already wasted more ink and pixels on criticism than it could be worth. But if they redesigned the cover, leaving out the subtitle between “Ann Coulter” and “Godless,” I think the cover, at least, might be more accurate.
  • When my kids look back on this part of their history, will they talk about Bono the same way my generation talks about Mother Teresa?

4 thoughts on “Small Notes from a Smaller Mind

  1. Keith,I don’t think Bono can ever be confused with Mother Teresa. He’s just got too much leather and rock and roll going on. However, I do think that his humanitarian causes will be remembered as well as his music. Mother Teresa led a life of downward mobility. It’s not the same as a good cause by a celebrity. There’s something sacred about living amongst the poorest of the poor.

  2. You should read Coulter’s book. You will learn the truth that the mainstream media ignores. What she says about the Jersey Girls may be hard to hear. But it is absolutely true.She’s a terrific writer — very insightful and very entertaining.—

  3. Will I also discover that she’s bigoted and ungracious, which is the impression I get from the quotes I hear in her interviews and published by the mainstream media? Is the truth she shares absolutely true? That the widows of Iraq casualties are harpies, unlike the widows of other war casualties? Is that insightful? Is that entertaining to you?Thanks, jeff, for a view from the other side. I don’t plan to enrich or encourage her by reading, buying or even borrowing her diatribes.There are enough bitter and mean-spirited people in the world – Al Franken comes to mind – without encouraging them to become meaner by supporting them financially.

  4. On a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame several years back, I was able to listen to dozens of interactive interviews with various stars. Many were informative pieces about their music, but many were arrogant and self-serving bits of ego-promotion. Bono’s interview was a refreshing change. He talked about how many stars get messed up with drugs and boorish behavior because they can’t handle receiving so much adulation for doing what they’d be doing anyway, if they love making music. By using your fame to get involved with a cause, he said, at least you’re diverting some of that attention to an issue that really deserves it.

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