I Love My (Retro) Mac

I don’t mean to start a PC/Mac riot, but I do love my recently-upgraded 1999 Apple G3 Macintosh, Blue & White style PowerPC computing device. I like its lines, its medium-loud fan, its entourage of frosted clear/aqua clear plastic peripherals, and the fact that after seven years I can still upgrade it.

I still love the Aqua interface of OSX 10.2.8, though now that I have upgraded to a 1Ghz PowerLogix ZIF processor (bumping my G3’s speed up from 400Mhz), I just may invest in OSX 10.4.6 and go all silvery.

When I absolutely have to do Windows, I just fire up Virtual PC on my Mac and run a primitive – and stable – Windows 98.

By the way, I still have a 1996 Apple Macintosh model 6400AV with all the bells and whistles that will fit in it, including a TV tuner card and a 320Mhz G3 processor upgrade. I use it at work from time to time, because its graphics programs run smoothly and sometimes faster than on the work-issue PC.

I use a fine little 1.8Mhz Sony Vaio laptop running Windows XP Professional at work and it only freezes up or crashes three or four times a week. My upgraded Mac starts up about twice as fast. I’ve been running it a week on the upgraded processor and it hasn’t had a conniption fit yet. It used to crash on its old processor about every month or so. How annoying. I figured it was time to replace it, but I couldn’t.

So I just replaced the processor chip.

I love the funny TV spots that Apple should have had their ad agencies creating and placing 20 years ago; they are still accurate and on-target and Apple would have much more than a 7% market share of the personal computing world right now if they had been running all those years.

I really enjoy looking at the exorbitantly expensive and elegant new Macs at CompUSA. Some of the new dual-Intel processor models can even boot to either Mac OSX or Windows XP.

But why would anyone want to?

2 thoughts on “I Love My (Retro) Mac

  1. Our experience at work is that the couple of Macs we have are more trouble than they’re worth. They don’t play well with parts of our Windows based network – like printers & the mail server – and files created on them do not display the same on PC’s and visa-versa. Font issues mostly. They seem to lock up just as often as well, but I’m not in IT so I only hear about the troubles. Can’t convince the graphics guys to go PC, though.My work PC running Windows 2000 get’s rebooted every weekend only becasue I think it needs it. It very, very rarely crashes. Same for my 2 home laptops, one running XP Pro the other XP home as well as a very old 800 Mhz maching running XP home. Very rarely have a crash, except when the drive was dying on my laptop and I leave them run constantly.I used to love macs and I love the new ads, but my enthusiasm has cooled quite a bit. I agree, if Apple had run those 20 years ago the computing landscape might be different today. Back then it was a no brainer which system was supperior. Today, not so much IMO.

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