The Carpenter’s Table

There’s a place for the weak and the strong
There’s a place for disabled and able
There’s a place for old and the young
There’s a place at the Carpenter’s Table.

There the rich are seen feeding the poor
And the blind set a place for the sighted
Not a soul is too full or needs more
Not a one feels rejected or slighted.

For the Carpenter’s Table runs long
From the east to the west it embraces
Everyone who is drawn to its Song
Of redemption for all of man’s races.

It’s a Song about working the wood
About smoothing and shaping the rough
About giving as much as one could
And a Carpenter giving enough.

Just before He was nailed to the planks
He would wash the feet of each good friend
Then would serve them a meal and give thanks
For a body and blood without end.

He would give them His Song and His Spirit
He would build them together like timber
Each new friend would be drawn when they hear it
To a table where they could remember.

For each soul who’s had right hewn from wrong
For each one who gives all he is able
For each friend who will sing out the Song
There’s a place at the Carpenter’s Table.

©2006 W. Keith Brenton

5 thoughts on “The Carpenter’s Table

  1. Keith,You paint a great picture of the grace available at “the Carpenter’s table.” Thanks for you work.(As one who doesn’t seem to have any gift for poetry, I am amazed and blessed by what you have posted).

  2. Keith,That’s beautiful. A bit of a tune came to me while I was reading it. Have you set it to music? It feels kind of folk-hymn like to me. Thanks for sharing a blessing.By the way, the tune in my head uses the first verse as a chorus.There’s a place.There’s a place.There’s a place at His wonderful table.There’s a place.There’s a place.There’s at place at the Carpenter’s table.Lara NoahSearcy, AR

  3. Sadly, I have no musical composition abilities whatsoever. What I compose sounds like the tunes rejected by John Candy’s polka band.So go for it, Lara!

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