Why, The Nerve ….

I prayed and prayed and prayed.

That’s right, I prayed three times about it. It was important to me. You’d have thought it’d be important to God, since it’s interfering with my ministry!

And He had the gall to say “No.”

Not just “no,” but “No; I’m enough for you.”

Like He’s got a whole world to run that’s more important than helping me, His number one guy, reach all of the Mediterranean coastal cities with the message of His Son!

Like it’s not really a thorn in the flesh! Like it doesn’t hurt, and I mean all the time!

Look, I know other people are hurting too. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen them healed. Do they go off preaching all over the known world?

Don’t quote me that stuff about Elisha dying of some disease he couldn’t heal after he raised a boy from the dead and fed a good-sized crowd from a snack. Don’t remind me about those folks making fun of the Savior, saying “He can’t save Himself!” I don’t want to hear it. I hurt. And do I get any sympathy?

No; He says “I’m enough for you.”

Of all the cheek.

Who does He think He is?


~ the apostle Paul – after accidentally missing a daily dose of grace – in the apocryphal book The Gospel According to Me

4 thoughts on “Why, The Nerve ….

  1. I’ve got the book. I read it too much, although that story is a little different in my copy. No Paul there, some guy named Doug.Trust me David, you’re better off without it. 🙂

  2. I’ve got the book, too, Keith, and sometimes when I’m reading it, it’s too hard to bear.But you know, on later reflection, I see how I was mistaken in my first reading of it in it’s meanings and intent. The ending is yet to be read, but based upon the chapters read and re-read thus far, it will be a happy one.A very happy one, indeed.

  3. There are probably a few chapters by me in that newly rediscovered book. I’m sure if you look under Valentine in the index you will see.Great post. I am put in my place.Shalom,Bobby Valentine

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