He’s Baaa-aaack!

If you have missed the irascible and generally dead-on observations of New Wineskins contributing writer Fred Peatross … if you somehow failed to sign up for his Abductive Columns e-letter … you will be delighted to know that his Abductive Columns blog is back, with a new face and the same attitude.

Commenting to me by e-mail briefly on an article in NW by Larry Chouinard, Fred just said that he and Larry were on the same page.

I could only respond to Fred with something like: “Many would say Larry’s words are harsh and uncompromising. Many would say your words are harsh and uncompromising. Many would say Jesus’ words were harsh and uncompromising. What can I say?”

Give him a read again. If he doesn’t rile your spirit within you at least a little bit every once in a while, you should call a mortician and make a pre-planning appointment.

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