Pick Your Favorite Time Machine, Then …

Mine would be the DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy. Oh, I know it’s very limited in some ways; that you have to fuel it and that it has to be going 88 miles an hour to get when you’re going … but it has style.

Nothing against police call boxes that are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, or Victorian armchairs with spinning dials and flashing lights, or op-art tunnels buried beneath the desert, or even starships slingshotting around the sun (or cold-mixing antimatter with matter, or sending folks through glowing Guardian portals).

I just like the DeLorean. I like the Mr. Fusion power plant on the trunk. I like the ice that forms on it due to energy loss. I like the flashing blue body lights and sparks it generates.

Now that you’ve picked your time machine, tell me why.

Then tell me what you’d do with it.

Tell me the ONE moment you would go back to in human history and erase. (Because, as Dr. Brown intimates, the future is unwritten.)

What event would you “unwrite?”

I have my nomination in mind – and I’ll share it later – but first, I’d like to know yours.

3 thoughts on “Pick Your Favorite Time Machine, Then …

  1. I would have to go with you on the Delorean…however I would like to have the flying version of BF III.I don’t know if I can come up with ONE. The treatment of the American Indian. The use of a race of people as slaves in a free world. Hitler….The war in Vietnam…Hard to pick one. Then I wonder if we undid something what good thing would not exist? Heavy thoughts KB…

  2. Just in our lifetime there are LOTS of events we would like to undo….. both Kennedy assassinations, the M.L. King assassination, the Challenger explosion, etc, etc. But, I believe at the top of my list as far as my lifetime goes is 9/11/01.God help us, and please come quickly.DU

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