iChurch, or Christian Consumerism Syndrome

Tomorrow at our ministry staff retreat, our agenda has an hour blocked off to discuss what I’ve long been thinking of as “Christian Consumerism Syndrome.” But it’s probably better articulated in this article by Skye Jethani in March’s Christianity Today:


I hadn’t read it before last week, when one of my elders forwarded it to me. After I had read it, I asked for it to be included on the agenda.

My home church – with a new Family Life Center (including the Cafe) and a wide variety of opinions present on preferred worship styles – runs the risk of being perceived as [or becoming?] just another boutique church.

– Unless we can establish a way to express to our corner of Little Rock a strong commitment to living a Christlike life above every other available choice in the marketplace.

In my opinion.

What’s yours?

2 thoughts on “iChurch, or Christian Consumerism Syndrome

  1. Amen. Jesus came that we might have life to the full. We need to find ways of expressing that to those around us. It needs to be evidenced in our lives every day as we surrender to our Lord every day.

  2. Keith,You are on to something here. I read an article whose author I can’t remember for sure, but I believe it was Pastor Greg Lourie (sp). The title of the article was “When Congregants become Consumers”.It is sad, and disappointing, that many church growth models would have the local church run like a business. This is what I mean. The leadership of the church learns that the number one thing people in their community are looking for is a something fun and exciting for their kids. So, in response to that perceived need, the church gets busy to start a fun, exciting youth program.The gist of the article was this. Our mission is not to fit the church to suit men, but rather to fit men for the church. Big difference huh?Thanks for your great blog.Grace and Peace,Royce Ogle

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