If …

… John F. Kennedy had been a minister of the gospel, might he have said: “Ask not what your Savior can do for you; ask what you can do for your Savior”?

I’m out for the weekend, so talk amongst yourselves.

If you can do so without getting verklempt in the attempt.

2 thoughts on “If …

  1. Um, are you going to blog about Angi and the Dean search at ACU? Because I had to find out from the ACU Newspaper online, and I want to know what your thoughts are. Also, I can’t believe you haven’t commented about my non-stupid boyfriend.

  2. Actually, TKP, I thought about you and your beau yesterday while listening to Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy” on an Abilene radio station, and smiled a grateful prayer that you had found one who wasn’t.I didn’t know Angi’s name was in the Optimist story … she had asked us (the kids and me) not to go broadcasting about her interview until she had a chance to tell some of the chairpersons in the college where she’s currently the dean.Nice to hear from you!

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