Does your church emphasize being right about everything
doing good toward everyone?

Does your church seek the old paths
as a priority over
going into all the world?

Does your church rebuke, reprove and reproach
more often than it
bears, believes and hopes?

Does your church wear the name of Christ
bearing His Spirit within?

Does your church prefer to worship by authorized pattern
worshiping the Author of diversity and creativity?

Does your church defend the doctrine
at the expense of
doctoring the defenseless?

Does your church look down on unholiness
to the exclusion of
lifting holy hands?

Does your church really fit into God’s kingdom?
Do you really fit in at your church?

2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Some years ago, I would have had to say yes to all these! How sad. But today, we are where we believe God wants us and we are striving to say no to all these! I really related to the fifth one concerning the “authorized pattern.” I truly believe for many years I worshiped the scriptures instead of Jesus! It is a hard and long journey to come away from these but I can say it really makes a difference in your life to worship Jesus. So many other things fall into place and the world becomes “right” for a while. Thanks for this post.

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