Yup, It’s True: ZOE Group on MP3s

If you’ve been blessed as I have with music from The ZOE Group, you’ll understand why I’m excited to tell you that their most recent albums are now available as MP3 downloads from the new MP3 Downloads aisle of The ZOE Group Store.

They’re only $1 per song, a competitive price in a world of 99c iTunes and 88c Wal-Mart Music offerings. But you can’t get them there.

On each song’s page, there’s a little control panel you can use to listen to a short (about one minute) sample of the song. That’ll help you figure out whether you want to buy “All the Heavens” from Closer or “All the Heavens” from Ancient Future … or “Holy is the Lord” from Closer or “Holy is the Lord” from Look to the Hills. (Four different songs, there … see, wasn’t it fun listening to the excerpts?)

The most recent three albums are already available: Closer, In Christ Alone and Desperate. I’m adding more as quickly (and carefully) as I can to the site.

And, as nearly as I can tell, The ZOE Group is the only a cappella Christian worship team making their songs available by MP3 download on the Web (though you can find Keith Lancaster & The Acappella Company songs on iTunes. Still, it’s hard to convince an AAC-format iTunes song to play on your MP3 player, isn’t it?)

So, what are you waiting for? Go listen! Go buy some!

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