One and Two at the Table

With earnest economy of words, my older brother in Christ Don Capps led our hearts at the table this morning.

In his inimitable way, he put to scripture something that I’ve long felt in my heart but couldn’t express why: that our time at the table is meant for remembering Jesus’ death, yes; but also His resurrection. Don put it this way:

“Paul’s instruction in I Corinthians 11 was – (1) to proclaim His death … (2) until He comes – in other words, like we just sang, ‘He Lives.’”

Thank you, God, for bringing me closer to Your Son through your servant Don today.

2 thoughts on “One and Two at the Table

  1. I hear you. Ever since I began thinking of the Lord’s Supper as the declaration against principalities and powers of the victorious death of Jesus, my whole perspective on it has changed for the better.

  2. cryjfExactly! We ALL die. Yep, everything dies . . . but when we die, we stay dead. It’s the resurrection that makes all the difference – the resurrection is the sacrifice.

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