Stepping Outside in Faith

I think I’ve confessed on my blog before that Angi and I watch way too much HGTV.

But I don’t think I’ve explained that a lot of my fascination with its shows is faith.

That’ll take a little more explanation.

On a lot of HGTV shows – just as on the granddaddy of them, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – a family, couple or individual steps out in faith. Out of their own home. Having faith in their designer/design team. Having often never seen much more than a sketch; on some shows, not even that.

Then they return after a day or two, or a week.

And a truly lost room or suite of rooms or house has been redeemed.

(Well, most of the time.)

David Bromstad’s ColorSplash is the newest entry into the field. The homeowners always have total faith in what he will do for their room(s). They hug him – without exception, so far.

Last night, the wife of the couple expressed the redesign as “life-changing.”

Okay, that would be an exaggeration for me. It would certainly be “house-changing” or at least “room-changing.”

Still, I admire her faith.

Would I have such faith, to turn over my house to strangers and let them imprint it with their design sense and preferences?

I like the way my house is decorated.

It’s the same way with my life.

Is it any wonder that it’s difficult persuading people to turn over their entire lives to a Jesus whom they hardly know?

Is it any wonder that it’s difficult persuading ourselves to turn over our entire lives to a Jesus who wants us to step outside our homes, outside our comfort zones, outside ourselves to reach them?

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