Praying for Pentecost

We could have a countdown to Pentecost. We know it’s coming.

Although the followers of Christ in century one could have had one, too – I guess it’s always fifty days after Passover – they probably couldn’t have known exactly what was coming nor when. So they took care of business. They selected a replacement for Judas in the apostolic ministry.

And they prayed without ceasing.

But even though we know the date is coming, I don’t know of many Christian groups who pray for what came then to come again.

Are we afraid of tongues of fire?

Do we fear the repercussions of everyone hearing the Story of Christ in his own language?

Are we apprehensive about the thousands who might respond, and what it might do to our lives and what we might have to sacrifice if we met daily at God’s house and shared everything we had and devoted ourselves to teachings about Christ and to prayer?

Are we terrified that we might give in to the Spirit’s leading if He actually poured Himself into our lives?

I know I am.

Yet I am dedicated to praying for it.

I am going to try to put my fears aside. I’m going to try not to set a deadline for God; to care what day or days it takes place. I’m going to try to not care what form His Spirit may take: whether tongues of fire or descending doves or mighty rushing winds or lives changed forever – even mine.

I am going to pray for Pentecost to occur again, in my life and the lives of Christians I know and don’t know.

I am going to pray for revival in that seemingly endless interim between the Lord’s ascension and what I anticipate as His return.

I am going to pray, starting today.

Will you pray with me?

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