Unhinged Thought for the Day, #2

You know those commercials where there are guys walking harmlessly in and out and among slow-motion automobiles while collisions and accidents are taking place all around them?

One of these days, the Allstate Insurance guy is going to back into the Mercedes-Benz guy while they are filming commercial spots at speeds approaching that of light itself, and the resulting impact will vaporize both of them.

5 thoughts on “Unhinged Thought for the Day, #2

  1. You know, Keith, <>every one<> of your posts has some kind of religious or spiritual meaning behind it. But this one escapes me, for some reason. Either it’s the single exception to all of your posts, or it’s <>way<> over my head! 🙂 The only verse that comes to mind is “…you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Am I close??? 😉

  2. Nah.It’s just an unhinged thought for the day.Usually about bizarre advertising that I’ve seen. I used to be in advertising; wrote all kinds. Some of it is just beyond me these days.And I don’t think I’m that stupid.

  3. Keith, I was <>totally<> kidding, I figured it was just a random thought. I just found it funny, because you don’t post like that often. But come to think of it, I agree with you on that one. For some unknown reason, I don’t like the Allstate commercials. And the guy gets on my nerves. Just weird-feeling commercials, they are.

  4. I’m not sure I’ve seen the Mercedes commercial…guess I don’t watch enough TV! Ha ha! Or maybe I’ve seen it and just tuned it out. But I don’t like <>any<> of the Allstate commercials…the guy’s whole presence is just weird. Like he’s tryin to convince you “Something bad WILL happen to you, that’s why you need Allstate.” Just doesn’t work for me. And yeah, him standing in the middle of traffic makes it just that much weirder.And here I am, even commenting on your posts about nothing. How sad is that?

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